Crab Hunting

Crab hunting is an excellent activity to try out while in the United Arab Emirates. The crab hunting trip takes the team to the emirate of Umm Al Quwain, around 30 minutes drive from Dubai. Once at the resort hotel, you will be served tea with light snacks.  After a few minutes of relaxation, the team travels by small boats to the crab hunting area.

Hunting takes place using spears, like in olden days, with the help of just a flashlight. Under the guidance of experts, you are bound to have a CRAB of a time!

Crab Hunting Package

  • Group Arrival (1800Hrs) - (Also group are free to come earlier and enjoy resort facility without extra charge)
  • Light Snack Service with soft drink.
  • Departure by boat for Crab Hunting ( when gets dark) , 16-18 pax in the boat (maximum one hour trip)
  • Crab Hunting near Mangrove Islands of Umm Al Quwain with professional help and adequate supply of relevant equipments required for crab hunting. One torch light (water resistant) for every two person and one spear for everyone
  • Dinner Buffet Service consisting of Continental Menu Items and Catch of the Day Crab Dish, (Mineral Water – Tea/Coffee Unlimited), Liquor available at the Resort (liquor strictly not allowed from outside)
  • Group Departure (2200Hrs – 2300 Hrs.) - Group Members could also choose to stay overnight at the Resort at an Additional Cost
  • Clothing & Footwear - Swimwear / Beachwear & towels (To be brought along with Guests), Life jacket provided free of charge, Water Resistant Slip-ons (Can be rented at the Resort @ Dh.5/-